Google Takes Another Shot at Social Media Success with Buzz

by Brian Ratzker on February 10, 2010

Google Buzz

Well, Google is taking it’s next stab at creating their own social media network. I was reading about Google Buzz this morning in Marketing Pilgrim and it seems interesting. Google Buzz will provide some “Wave Like” features in Gmail to try and create a social network out of an existing email network.

Utilizing Gmail is the genius part of the plan, although it took them long enough to realize that they already had a network of people that were communicating with each other. The biggest issue I can see is how many people actually go to Gmail to check their email? I am sure there is a large percentage of Gmail users that only use the web but in the age of everyone owning a smart phone, that number must be diminishing.

I am sure they will find a great way to integrate this into Android phones but they also need to create a new iPhone App that makes it easier to use all of Google’s great applications such as Google Reader and Google Voice. I can’t stand using web apps and that seems to be Google’s answer to iPhone users. Anyway, Google Wave, oh wait I mean Buzz, is certainly a step in the right direction but until they figure out a way to integrate it into the programs we use to check our Gmail, it will likely fall short of expectations.

Brian Ratzker

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  • striggity

    They've already come up w/ mobile apps for Google Buzz. For the iPhone and Android platforms (presumably BlackBerry too). That's actually the biggest selling point of Buzz: Mobile.

  • ratzker

    Yes but aren't they web apps and not software apps?

  • Tyler

    Just how many people use FB,Twitter and

    “With more than 400 million users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network; Twitter by contrast has only 18 million or so. Gmail’s unique visitors numbered around 36 million as of last year. ” via –…

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